Laboratory for Embedded Systems


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Embedded Software Development 


Our embedded software expertise is in the development of embedded and real-time software. Our detailed knowledge of embedded software and electronics enables us to develop architectures that deliver the performance required while minimizing cost and development time. Using structured and object orientated design techniques we create designs which are reliable, easy to maintain and to extend. 

Real-time Embedded Software Expertise

Our product development life cycle is compliant with IEC 62304, IEC 61508 and SPICE to ensure regulatory, quality and commercial requirements.

Kiflab are experts in hard real-time embedded software development for applications ranging from motion control to active noise cancellation. Working with high performance processors, DSPs, FPGAs. we have created leading edge, innovative designs, solving some really tough, demanding problems. Our disciplined approach ensures the products are optimized for cost, performance and quality to fully address the customer goals and product requirements. 

Kanban & Lean Methodologies

 Product innovation involves risk which Kiflab minimizes for customers with our skills, experience and partnership approach. We maintain and manage a risk register throughout the program starting with clear requirements definition and intelligent design concepts. Robust software is assured with skilled software design, coding reviews, thorough testing and the use of tools and simulators.


Functional Test Development


Test Simulation Systems & Test Equipment Design 


Data Acquisition


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